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SAFA Honorary President


Xikun Yuan

Xikun Yuan is the Member of the Standing Committee of the All-China Youth Federation, Member of the 11th Standing Committee of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).Currently he holds the following positions: the Curator of Beijing Jin Tai Art Museum, Honorary Chairman of China Association of Collectors, Researcher of the Graduate School of the Chinese Arts Research Institute and Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, Recipient of the National Labor Medal of May Day.

He has been kept collecting precious relics from overseas and established Beijing Jin Tai Art Museum in1995, the first private-owned museum where over 100 international cultural exchange activities are held praised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Culture.

In recent years, his sculptures of international celebrities have been collected and inaugurated by foreign governments, international organizations and museums in Japan, Greece, Russia, the United States, Poland, Slovakia, Italy, Bulgaria, Kenya, etc. Yuan initiated “Champion of the Water Alliance” on the Earth Day of 2011 as a global call for public participation in saving water specially reduce the waste on bottled water and car-washing, which was warmly received by the international environmental organizations and all walks of the society. Yuan also actively took part into the Ozone Action that advocated by UN and created the sculpture Sky-patching.